Job Applicant Scam

LAST UPDATED: June 16, 2020

TherapeuticsMD recently became aware of a scam targeting individuals seeking employment with the company. The scam perpetrators post fictitious job opportunities on job boards, including for example, opportunities as an Administrative Assistant or “Virtual Admin. Assistant/Data Entry.” Candidates are contacted through email and interviewed through Google Chat/Hangout or similar means. Candidates then receive fake job offers on TherapeuticsMD letterhead and with forged signatures from current TherapeuticsMD employees. The job candidate is then mailed a check, often purposed to buy office supplies, and instructed to wire an amount from their account to a “vendor.” After the fact, the candidate learns the check is bad having already wired money they cannot get back.

If you have recently responded to a TherapeuticsMD job offer on a message board, particularly job offers after May 13, 2020, please note the following:


Due to COVID-19, TherapeuticsMD is not currently hiring for most positions. If you responded to a job offer that was posted or sent to you after May 13, 2020, it is likely a fraudulent posting. Please email to verify the legitimacy of your contact.


The perpetrators are using a web domain “THERAPEUTICMD.COM,” which is close to but different from (a difference of one letter). Official email from the company will come from “” with an ‘s’ between the ‘c’ and ‘m’ towards the end of the company name.


TherapeuticsMD will never ask for bank information during the interview process. TherapeuticsMD will never send a check to a job candidate to make purchases. We will also never require candidates to send a wire transfer. If supplies or any other necessity were needed, TherapeuticsMD would pay for them directly and have them shipped, without the need for the candidate do anything.


If you believe you have been targeted by this scam, please contact your local law enforcement. You should also report it to the Federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (

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